About Wendy Daly

Nothing pleases me more than to see a patron’s love of my jewelry and the enjoyment of wearing it. As the poet said, “Life is a journey.” I hope that you enjoy being part of mine.

Ginkgo Emerging

In 1986, I moved to California’s Central Coast. Every morning, I wake to a view of Bishop’s peak and Mission Morro, part of the seven sisters, volcanic peaks that surround our area. The sun hits the peaks to signal the start of my day. The beauty of vineyards that change with each season, ocean beaches that yield treasures and inspiration, horse farms and nature also provide inspiration for my jewelry design and a contemplative atmosphere. I draw and create in other mediums too. Originally a ceramic sculptor, six years ago I changed from stoneware clay to Metal Clay-specifically Fine Silver and Copper. My clay no longer comes in 50-pound bags, but rather a small 50-gram packet. My kiln has become a more practical small tabletop model. Thus, I am now a sculptor of wearable art!

Phantom Gallery Display

I have always been an artist, drawing from an early age, especially horses for their beauty and powerful grace. In high school, I majored in art. After graduation I began my formal training and education, including 2 years at Chouinard Art Institute (now Cal Arts) in Los Angeles, Clay Dimensions Studio in San Diego, Art Major at Cal State Los Angeles (printmaking, sculpture, painting), and assorted workshops in a variety of mediums. However, economic reality led me to earn a Bachelor’s Degree from Chapman University in English with a teaching credential. Next I completed a Master’s degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Composition, with a minor in art. For many years I taught Writing at high school, community college and eventually Cal Poly University, always making some form of art outside the academic world.

I have since taken classes from Jonna Faulkner, a recognized silver clay artist, who inspired and encouraged me to explore and gain proficiency in silver clay. While I enjoy English and writing, those degrees were more a practical decision. My passion has always been art. However, because my degrees are in English, visual metaphors infuse my art as they do my writing. I also work occasionally in watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, plein air and studio painting and drawing.

Since I had worked in Stoneware Sculpture, transitioning to silver clay was a natural medium. I could use most of the techniques I employed in creating stoneware sculpture and miniaturize my work into wearable art.