About Metal Clays

Metal Clay is a product that was developed in Japan. It comes in a variety of metals: silver, gold, copper, bronze, etc. I work in silver and copper. The material allows a lot of creativity.

The clay material is composed of powdered metal in a binder, the consistency of good stoneware clay, easily malleable and manipulated in a variety of ways. Other products include paste, thick liquid clay useful in joining components, and syringes that contain a very soft version of the clay and are useful in joining elements or used as one would a cake icing tube.

Once fired, Silver Clay yields a piece that is 99.9% pure-a higher silver content than sterling! However, it is softer than sterling, so care must be taken in designing so as not to create a piece too thin or weak in spots.

Each piece must be carefully conceptualized as to how it is going to be adorned and hung/worn, and how and where embellishments such as gemstones or pearls are to be added. Embeddable objects are formulated to go through the firing like eyehooks for hanging and bezel cups (available in a variety of millimeters) for setting small cabochon stones of the same size as the cup can also be used.

I often create my own silicone molds of found objects or miniature sculptures. Doing so allows me to use individual components in different compositions. While I make similar designs, the pieces are never exactly alike, so the piece that you buy is uniquely yours alone. This is not to say that my work is unrecognizable. I often hear that an owner has been asked if the piece is a Wendy Daly!